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China sends 5000 troops to border with India

China’s added a new international border crisis to its growing list. The South China Sea. The East China Sea. Taiwan. Hong Kong. Now there’s serious trouble brewing with India.Punches have been thrown between rival border patrols.Each…

Andre Drummond makes waitress cry with $1000 tip

NBA hotshot Andre Drummond left an eye-watering $US1000 ($AUD1500) tip for a waitress who cried “tears of happiness”.The Cleveland Cavaliers star showed his softer side at a Florida restaurant amid the coronavirus crisis, The Sun…

Queen guitarist Brian May suffers heart attack

Brian May has today revealed he suffered a heart attack and was rushed to hospital in “agony”.Queen’s lead guitarist said doctors found he had three blocked arteries after he felt pain in his chest that lasted about 40 minutes, according…
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