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Why young men are still choosing to be priests

Why are young men still choosing to become Catholic priests? It’s a fair enough question to ask any trainee priest in the current Australian climate: who, today, is choosing to devote their entire lives to the Catholic Church?In the…

Actress Diahann Carroll dies at 84

Diahann Carroll, the Oscar-nominated actress and singer who won critical acclaim as the first black woman to star in a non-servant role in a TV series as “Julia,” has died. She was 84.Carroll’s daughter, Susan Kay, told The Associated…

Chinese ships reveal truth about Xi’s mission

President Putin may have become the unwitting meat in a South China Sea sandwich. His cash-strapped oil company is drilling there for Vietnam. But Beijing’s getting pushy.Chinese Coast Guard vessels have been harassing the Russian-owned…

TripADeal competition: Win $1 million in travel

YOLO. That’s what a growing number of younger people are thinking when they book their holiday.And they generally have the budget and the freedom to do so, with a surge of millennials — in their late 20s and early 30s — booking package…
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