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Kiwis begin life in lockdown ‘bubbles’

New Zealanders have woken to an eerie calmness that will be their new normal for the next month.There are fewer cars on the road, a vastly reduced number of trains, buses and planes running to their schedules, and almost no one on the…

NZ declares national state of emergency

With another record amount of COVID-19 cases identified, the New Zealand government has been granted extraordinary operating powers to implement a nationwide lockdown.A State of National Emergency was declared by Civil Defence Minister…

NZ to raise coronavirus testing levels

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has defended New Zealand's low rates of testing for coronavirus, saying there is capacity to lift testing immediately in line with World Health Organisation wishes.Three fresh confirmations on Tuesday means…

Ardern picks Sept 19 for NZ election

New Zealanders will have the chance to return or remove Jacinda Ardern's government on September 19, when Kiwis will go to the polls in a general election.The prime minister and Labour leader announced the election date on Tuesday in…
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